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Senior Teaching Assistant

Omar Kapetanović


  • PhD, BURCH University, Department of Architecture, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • MA, University of Sarajevo, Architectural faculty, 2014, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BA, University of Sarajevo, Architectural faculty, 2012, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • International Burch University, Senior Teaching AssistantApr. 2015,
  • International Burch University, Research Assistant- Oct. 2014, Apr. 2015


  • Omar Kapetanovic, Sanin Dzidic; JAJCE - SYMBIOSIS OF NATURAL AND MEN-MADE ST. LUKA TOWER - ARCHITECTURAL AND STRUCTURAL LANDMARK, 3rd International Conference ‐ THE IMPORTANCE OF PLACE 21st Century heritage without borders , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Page 8
  • Bračković E, Kapetanović O, Šabotić S, Džidić S; Comparison of the Application of the Critical Path Analysis and Gantt Chart Approach in Project Management , 3rd International Scientific Meeting STATE AND TRENDS OF CIVIL AND ENVIROMENTAL ENGINEERING , Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jun. 2016, Proceedings ISBN 978-9958-628-18-4, COBISS.BH-ID 23035142, Page 817-824