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Prof. Dr.



  • PhD, University of New South Wales, School of Information Systems, 1996, Sydney, Australia
  • MS, University of Sarajevo, Informatics, 1985, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BS, University of Sarajevo, Computing, 1975, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • International Burch University, Prof. Dr.Jan. 2010,
  • Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr.- Sep. 2004, Sep. 2007
  • University of New South Wales, Assist. Prof. Dr.- Mar. 1999, Aug. 2004
  • University of New South Wales, Lecturer- Mar. 1993, Feb. 1995
  • United Nations, International Expert Sep. 1985, Jan. 1991
  • Various organisations, Consultant Mar. 1976, Aug. 1985

Research Topics

  • Knowledge Management, Decision Support, Electronic Government, Information Systems/Technology Education

Research Projects

  • Merging Knowledge Management with Project Management
  • Lessons Learnt Practices in ERP Projects Implementation
  • Linking Knowledge Management to Organisational Performance
  • ISCH COST Action IS1310: Reassembling the Republic of Letters, 1500-1800 A digital framework for multi-lateral collaboration on Europe`s intellectual history


Academic Journals

(The Journals appeared in SCI, SCI Exp.,SSCI and AHCI are shown with *)

  • Handzic M., Durmic N. and Ozlen K. ; Drivers of Knowledge Management Strategies in Turkey, The Journal of Knowledge Economy and Management , Jan. 2014
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  • Handzic M. and Ozlen K.; Knowledge Management Success in Clinical Service Environments , Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, Vol. 12, No. 2, Jun. 2013
  • *Ozlen K and Handzic M; An empirical test of a contingency model of KMS effectiveness, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, Vol. doi:10.105, No. kmrp.2012., Oct. 2012
  • *Handzic M.; Integrated Socio-Technical Knowledge Management Model: An Empirical Evaluation, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 15, No. 2, Mar. 2011


  • Handzic M. and Durmic N. ; Merging Knowledge Management with Project Management, the 15th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM 2014), Santarem. Portugal, Sep. 2014, Conference Proceedings, Vol. Volume 1


  • Bolisani E. and Handzic M.; Advances in knowledge management: Celebrating 20 years of research and practice, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning Series (Vol.1),, Springer
  • Handzic M.; Socio-Technical Knowledge Management: Studies and Initiatives, IGI Global
  • Handzic M.; Knowledge Management: Through the Technology Glass , World Scientific
  • Handzic M. and Zhou A.; Knowledge Management: An Integrative Approach, Chandos Publishing


  • Association for Information Systems; d, Member, 01-JUN-00
  • International Association for Knowledge Management; d, Member, 01-APR-11
  • International Federation for Information Processing; d, Member, 01-JUN-00