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Assist. Prof. Dr.

Ibrahim Murat Öner


  • PhD, International Burch University, English Literature, 2016, Sarajevo


  • International Burch University, Assist. Prof. Dr.Feb. 2016,

Research Topics

  • English & American Literature, Literary Cartography, Spatiality, Cultural geography, Geocriticism, Caryl Phillips, Postmodernism, Space and Place, Comparative Literature, Short story, Dystopian Literature, and Film Studies.

Academic Journals

(The Journals appeared in SCI, SCI Exp.,SSCI and AHCI are shown with *)

  • Öner, İ. Murat.; Caryl Phillips and the Rhizomorphous Gaze: A Geophilosophical Reading of Crossing the River, Revue Cycnos, numéro 32.1 2016: Traversée d'une oeuvre: Crossing the River de Caryl Phillips, L'Harmattan, 2016. EAN13 : 9782343107219., Nov. 2016
  • Sarıkaya, Orhan, İ. Murat Öner; Köprünün Öbür Tarafi: Fatih-Harbiye Romaninda Edebî Haritalama., Hece Aylık Edebiyat Dergisi Peyami Safa Özel Sayısı, Yıl 19, Sayı 217, Ocak 2015 (332-337). , Jan. 2015
  • Öner, İ. Murat; Crime on the Threshold: A Geocritical Analysis of Roald Dahl’s “The Way Up to Heaven.”, The Human: Journal of Literature and Culture. Issue 5, June 2015. Special Issue on “Crime Writing,” pp. 52-65, Jun. 2015
  • Öner, İ. Murat, Mustafa Bal. ; Home Rhapsodies: Caryl Phillips and Cartography of Transgressivity, [sic] - a journal of literature, culture and literary translation. (Dis)placements No. 1, Year 6 - 12/2015. doi: 10.15291/sic/1.6, Dec. 2015
  • Öner, İ. Murat, Mustafa Bal. ; Isolated Spaces, Fragmented Places: Caryl Phillips’s Ghettos in The Nature of Blood and The European Tribe, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. Vol. 14, No. 3 (2014): Special Issue: Spatial Literary Studies, Oct. 2014


  • Öner, İ. Murat; Making More Sense of a Place: A Study of Geocritical Polysensoriality, CICOP - The 3rd International Conference “The Importance of Place” CICOP Sarajevo , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oct. 2015, Book of Conference Proceedings, Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 553-563
  • Öner, İ. Murat; Academia Betwixt: Liminality and Transgression in David Lodge’s Changing Places, 41st AAAS Conference “Space Oddities: Urbanity, American Identity, and Cultural Exchange” , Graz, Austria, Nov. 2014
  • Öner, İ. Murat, Mustafa Bal; Isolated Spaces, Fragmented Places: Caryl Phillips’s Ghettos in The Nature of Blood and The European Tribe, CELLS - Conference on English Language and Literary Studies, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jun. 2013, \"Going Against the Grain\" Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Language, Literature and Culture