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Assist. Prof. Dr.

Ibrahim Murat Öner


  • PhD, International Burch University, English Literature, 2016, Sarajevo


  • International Burch University, Assist. Prof. Dr.Feb. 2016,

Research Topics

  • English & American Literature, Geocriticism, Caryl Phillips, Space and Place in literature, and Short story.


Academic Journals

(The Journals appeared in SCI, SCI Exp.,SSCI and AHCI are shown with *)

  • Öner, İ. Murat.; Caryl Phillips and the Rhizomorphous Gaze: A Geophilosophical Reading of Crossing the River, Revue Cycnos, numéro 32.1 2016: Traversée d'une oeuvre: Crossing the River de Caryl Phillips, L'Harmattan, 2016. EAN13 : 9782343107219., Nov. 2016
  • Sarıkaya, Orhan, İ. Murat Öner; Köprünün Öbür Tarafi: Fatih-Harbiye Romaninda Edebî Haritalama., Hece Aylık Edebiyat Dergisi Peyami Safa Özel Sayısı, Yıl 19, Sayı 217, Ocak 2015 (332-337). , Jan. 2015
  • Öner, İ. Murat; Crime on the Threshold: A Geocritical Analysis of Roald Dahl’s “The Way Up to Heaven.”, The Human: Journal of Literature and Culture. Issue 5, June 2015. Special Issue on “Crime Writing,” pp. 52-65, Jun. 2015
  • Öner, İ. Murat, Mustafa Bal. ; Home Rhapsodies: Caryl Phillips and Cartography of Transgressivity, [sic] - a journal of literature, culture and literary translation. (Dis)placements No. 1, Year 6 - 12/2015. doi: 10.15291/sic/1.6, Dec. 2015
  • Öner, İ. Murat, Mustafa Bal. ; Isolated Spaces, Fragmented Places: Caryl Phillips’s Ghettos in The Nature of Blood and The European Tribe, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. Vol. 14, No. 3 (2014): Special Issue: Spatial Literary Studies, Oct. 2014


  • Öner, İ. Murat; Making More Sense of a Place: A Study of Geocritical Polysensoriality, CICOP - The 3rd International Conference “The Importance of Place” CICOP Sarajevo , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oct. 2015, Book of Conference Proceedings, Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 553-563
  • Öner, İ. Murat; Academia Betwixt: Liminality and Transgression in David Lodge’s Changing Places, 41st AAAS Conference “Space Oddities: Urbanity, American Identity, and Cultural Exchange” , Graz, Austria, Nov. 2014
  • Öner, İ. Murat, Mustafa Bal; Isolated Spaces, Fragmented Places: Caryl Phillips’s Ghettos in The Nature of Blood and The European Tribe, CELLS - Conference on English Language and Literary Studies, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jun. 2013, \"Going Against the Grain\" Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Language, Literature and Culture