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Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Adisa Omerbegović Arapović


  • PhD, University Malaya, International Macroeconomics and Finance, 2004, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • MS, University Malaya, MBA, 1998, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • BS, International Islamic University, Bachelor of Business Administration, 1996, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • International Burch University, Assoc. Prof. Dr.May. 2017,
  • International Burch University, Rektör Yrd.May. 2017,
  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, DekanSep. 2016, Apr. 2017
  • Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, DekanSep. 2012, Jul. 2016
  • Sarajevo Graduate School of Business, Instructor Dr.- Sep. 2004, Sep. 2012
  • Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Malaysia, , May. 2000, May. 2004
  • Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Malaysia, , Jun. 1996, May. 2000

Research Topics

  • international macroeconomics and finance, political economy

Research Projects

  • Fiscal Monitor
  • Conflict of Interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Strengthening Accountability of Women and Young Political Leaders in B&H,


Academic Journals

(The Journals appeared in SCI, SCI Exp.,SSCI and AHCI are shown with *)

  • *Arapovic A., Depken C.A.II and Hadzikadic M.; Corruption in Transition Economies: Cause or Effect, Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business,, Vol. 20, No. 1, Jan. 2017
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  • Omerbegovic Arapovic A.; Real Exchange Rates in South East Asia: Misalignment and Currency Crisis, VDM Verlag Muller