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Assist. Prof. Dr.

Adis Maksić


  • PhD, Virginia Tech University, Government and International Affairs, 2014, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
  • MA, Virginia Tech University, Political Science, 2009, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
  • BA, Michigan State University, Criminal Justice, 2000, East Lansing, Michigan, USA


  • International Burch University, , Feb. 2016,
  • Virginia Tech University, , Aug. 2010, May. 2012
  • KFOR, , May. 2008, Jul. 2014

Research Topics

  • Research on nationalism and ethnically motivated conflict in post-communist systems


Academic Journals

(The Journals appeared in SCI, SCI Exp.,SSCI and AHCI are shown with *)

  • *Adis Maksic; Priming the Nation for War: An Analysis of Organizational Origins and Discursive Machinations of the Serb Democratic Party in Pre-war Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1990–1992, Muslim Minority Affairs, Vol. 35/3, Aug. 2015
  • *Gerard Toal and Adis Maksic; \"Serbs, You are Allowed to Be Serbs\": Radovan Karadzic and the 1990 Election Campaign in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ethnopolitics, Vol. 13/3, Dec. 2013
  • *Adis Maksic; Komentari na studiju Gerarda Toala: \"Republika Srpska će imati referendum\": Retorička politika Milorada Dodika\" , Democracy and Security in Southeastern Europe, Vol. 4/12-13, Jun. 2013
  • *Gerard Toal and Adis Maksic; Is Bosnia-Herzegovina Unsustainable? Implications for the Balkans and the EU, Eurasian Geography and Economics, Vol. 52/2, May. 2013


  • Adis Maksic; Ethnic Mobilization, Violence and the Politics of Affect: Serb Democratic Party and the Bosnian War, Palgrave MacMillan