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Assist. Prof. Dr.

Dino Kečo


  • MS, Faculty of Electrical Engineering , Department for Computer Science and IT , 2011, Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BS, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department for Computer Science and IT, 2009, Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina


Academic Journals

(The Journals appeared in SCI, SCI Exp.,SSCI and AHCI are shown with *)

  • Samed Jukic, Jasmin Azemovic, Dino Keco, Jasmin Kevric; COMPARISON OF MACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUES IN SPAM E-MAIL CLASSIFICATION, Southeast Europe Journal of Soft Computing, Mar. 2015
  • Dino Keco, Abdulhamit Subasi; Parallelization of genetic algorithms using Hadoop Map/Reduce, 56 SOUTHEAST EUROPE JOURNAL OF SOFT COMPUTING, Nov. 2013